Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave is the ideal treatment method for chronic and complex musculoskeletal conditions. The aim of the shock wave is to activate the body’s natural healing response to regenerate damaged tissue. The benefits include reducing inflammation and increases blood flow to the treated area to essentially speed the healing process and reduce pain.


Shockwave therapy can treat the following conditions:

  • Feet – heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis
  • Knee – patellar tendonitis
  • Hip – bursitis
  • Lower leg – shin splints and tightened calves
  • Upper leg – iliotibial band friction syndrome

How does Shockwave therapy work?

Radial Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment which effectively stimulates the body’s immune system by producing high energy sound waves to restore normal tissue and heal injured tissue. This is achieved by activating the body’s immune system increasing blood flow to the treated area. By increasing blood flow to the treatment sight, the body’s healing process is activated to heal damaged tissue, reduce muscle tightness/inflammation.

Clinical studies suggest there is an 85% success rate for this technology in treating patients with applicable conditions.

What to expect during shockwave treatment?

The treatment involves placing gel on to the treatment zone followed by placing a hand piece directly on the treatment zone to create a series of low energy acoustic wave pulses.

Low energy shock impulses will be generated into the treatment area by a shockwave therapist for approximately 20-30 minutes. This involves the shockwave therapy handpiece placed on to the treatment zone via a gel medium to allow for the shockmaster unit to effectively transmit shockwaves deep into the tissue. The process is general painless but can be perceived as “unpleasant”. The shockwave unit intensity and positioning can be adjusted and tailored to each patient during treatment according to patient feedback.

What is the duration and frequency of the treatment?

Frequency and duration of session typically depends on the condition being treated. The shockwave therapist will be able to determine frequency and duration upon assessment. Generally, treatment session lasts between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on the condition to be treated. On average, 3 to 5 treatment sessions will be needed at intervals of one week. Results are often seen after first treatment.

What else should you know?

  • You may experience temporary soreness, tenderness or swelling for a few days following the procedure. This is a positive sign of the bodies healing process.
  • You can return to most regular activities although it is advised to rest the injured area for the best healing to take place.

Shockwave therapy must not be used in the following conditions:

  • Patients with circulation or neurological conditions
  • Infections or wounds
  • Patients on blood thinners
  • Patients with osteoporosis
  • Pregnant women