PODOSmart Gait Analysis

At Foot Lab Podiatry a PODOSmart movement analysis technology can be incorporated with a comprehensive Biomechanical Assessment.

The technology provides 3D movement analysis for walking and running gait in real world conditions. The data provides a comprehensive review of your biomechanical patterns that cannot be seen by the naked eye, improving our diagnostic skills and treatment outcomes. Results are translated into clinical data in order to propose the most appropriate treatment.

A PODOSmart consultation will include motion analysis insoles being placed into your sport shoes. You will then be required to walk on a treadmill where data on the different cycles of gait are collected.

Measurement and data analysis of the following will be collected to generate a personal report. This report will further optimise custom orthotic prescription.

Measurement of spatiotemporal parameters

  • Metrics: variability, asymmetry, gaitline, propulsion rate
  • Kinematics: pronation/supination angle, foot progression angle, steppage, clearance
  • Spatio temporal: speed, cadence, stride length and velocity, stance phase time, swing time, propulsion speed, double support, contact time