At Foot Lab Podiatry we provide custom made orthotics made by plaster cast of the foot which is form-fitted for every individual unique to their feet. Prescription of customised orthotics can help manage pain, treat arthritic changes, and assist in realigning the body to distribute pressure and gravity evenly.

Orthotics provide the body with extra stability, support, cushioning, alignment to help activate intrinsic muscles of the foot you wouldn’t usually activate when walking. Ultimately optimising gait cycle, improving alignment, offloading pressure and placing the foot in a position which it functions best.

At Foot Lab Podiatry we believe orthotics are not only for those suffering from pain but as a preventative measure for future complications. Orthotics when used correctly can be very beneficial. For example, orthotics can be used to help patients with flat or high arched feet, bunions or high pressure areas (callus build up).

Book a biomechanical assessment with Foot Lab Podiatry in order to examine your feet to identify any abnormalities or factors with potential to cause future complications.

Visit your GP today to see if you are eligible for 5 CDM visits every year to be treated at our clinic for no extra fee (bulk bill). Private Health Funds and cash are also accepted.