Ingrown/PNA surgery

At Foot Lab Podiatry, we experience ingrown nails frequently and treat accordingly. First we assess the nail to determine the causative factor and treat appropriately.

Onychocryptosis also known as ingrown toe nail can be very painful and lead to infection if left un-treated. Anybody is susceptible to ingrown toe nails.

What is an ingrown toe nail?

This is when the nail begins to dig into the surrounding skin known as the Sulci. When ingrown nails are left un-treated, this can result in unwanted pains and symptoms such as swelling, redness, heat and pus. Therefore it is essential to treat in grown nails immediately.

What can cause ingrown nails?

  • Damage to the nail: trauma such as dropping something on the toe can damage the nail matrix altering the way the nail grows
  • Incorrect footwear: footwear with a narrow toe-box compressing all toes together
  • Genetics/Hereditary
  • Incorrect nail cutting

Treatment of an ingrown toe nail

PNA(Partial Nail Surgery)

At Foot Lab Podiatry we offer a simple 30 minute ingrown toenail surgical procedure with a high success rate. The surgery is performed under local anaesthetics and involves the removal of a portion of the side of the nail followed by the application of phenol acid to prevent re-growth.

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